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Auto Mechanic Program

Auto mechanics course can be pursued in private or community colleges either as certification or associate degree programs. Even though the teaching material may differ according to the college, the basics of all the programs are similar and generally include courses in automotive steering, electrical system, brake system and engine service.

A certification course lasts for one year whereas an associate’s degree is a two year course. Under associate degree, students work under experienced and professional auto mechanics, thus gaining hands-on experience.By clicking here we get info about winch outs lewisville.

Following is a comprehensive look at the course details that are common in most programs;

-Electrical System: students are introduced to electronic applications in an automobile especially application in car battery, computer system, and other electrical systems that are responsible for the proper functioning of the car.

-Brake System: Brakes are an integral part of the car and thus understanding their functioning is important. Students are taught how to detect as well as rectify errors in the brake system. This is an important course that every auto mechanic student must learn as it also teaches fundamentals of hydraulics and anti-brake systems.

-Automotive steering: This course teaches the fundamentals of steering and how the car moves in a liner manner according to the intended path. Wheel alignment, steering mechanism and suspension systems are studied in detail.

-Engine service: This course teaches the students the different parts of the engine and their functions. Assembly of the engine parts as well as dismantling them is also taught. Varied makes and types, their mechanism and their components are studied under this course. This is the most important course and is usually taught in all levels of auto mechanic programs.

Online Programs

Today many colleges offer online certification programs in Auto mechanics which usually last for two years. Those students who are busy elsewhere or are in a job already can study autobody mechanics as an online certification course. Online courses are usually open to all and there are no pre requisites. The interactive, web based curriculum covers a range of subjects such as brake design and components, electrical system, exhaust system, engine setup, tires and transmission. The course is developed to provide maximum knowledge to students through interaction with professionals of the field.

Job Prospects

New and upcoming car models as well as evolving technology have caused a rise in demand for auto mechanics. Apart from being hired in service centers, you can also be hired in various other places such as;

-Technician trainee

-Auto mechanic in an auto repair shop

-Technician at an auto dealer

-Technician at a service station

-Serving government and military vehicles

-Tire repair

-Collision specialist

-Auto renovations

-Army auto mechanic

-Motor cycle repair and maintenance