Where Can You Find Runescape Direct Components?

If you know anything about Runescape direct components, then you already know that they are parts that are used in honing the Invention skill in the game. If you are trying to hone your invention skill for whatever reason, you will definitely want to know how you can get Runescape direct components in bulk.

This is especially because the game has a limit on how many parts you can buy every hour. Some parts you can get only by 100 each and others at ten each. This can definitely put a damper in your game especially if you are trying to hone your skill in the fastest possible time.

What is The Best Way To Get Parts in Bulk?

You can get different weapons and disassemble them for their parts. Some of the best weapons for disassembling are gizmos and gizmo shells, battleaxes, cannon balls, spears, hastae, and pickaxes.

Direct Components and electronics

If you are going to disassemble to obtain Direct Components and electronics, you should know that it’s going to cost you. Whether or not it’s going to cost you real money isn’t something we know because we don’t play the game. However, it’s going to cost you something. If you want to do the math, just go to this page on http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Calculator:Disassembly_by_material/Direct

Follow Runescape Hacks

Of course, there is a sneaky way to get those weapons, thus making your disassembly practically free. There are so-called Runescape hacks that generate resources in the background. You only need to enter your username and password and they will be generated for you.

Just be careful, though, because game administrators are always on their eye out for illegal activities. You could have your account banned by using hacks. That said, make sure to use hacks that run subtly in the background so you don’t get in trouble.